About Shawna

Shawna Reininger has been delighting clients with spot-on intuitive consultations for more than a decade. Having initially laughed off the suggestions of a psychic that she was herself clairvoyant and should share her gifts with others, Shawna eventually embraced the notion that she, in fact, has intuitive abilities beyond the norm.

Studying with a number of wonderful teachers and mentors, in order to explore and hone her abilities, she realized that she had always had this gift hidden within her, without knowing what to call it. Practicing on friends initially, Shawna found that her ability to intuit the energetic dynamics at play, and interpret and communicate them clearly to others, quickly grew. Today, having given thousands of readings for individuals seeking insight and clarity on personal and professional matters as well as spiritual guidance, Shawna has a fuller awareness of how this process works, where this information comes from, and how it can help others develop and trust their own intuitive faculty, developing it to create life-changing results.

She rarely uses the term psychic, preferring instead to refer to herself as an intuitive because, as she says, “The label itself is fine, but it evokes an older image of something otherworldly, beyond the grasp of the ordinary individual. In the 21st century that idea is outdated.” She is much more interested in de-mystifying the process of using one’s intuition, breaking it down and showing step-by-step how it is attainable and has very practical applications in life. Because the intuitive inner voice belongs to everyone, we can all learn to hear it, trust it, hone it, and use it to envision and create whatever we want in our personal and professional lives.

“The joy of my work lies in perceiving, and helping others perceive, the invisible connections that link everything, human and non-human, in an immense and powerful energy field that shapes us and influences our lives,” she says.

Shawna does not believe it is her role to predict life outcomes. She believes that exercising your free will to create your life every day is critical and nothing is carved in stone. Her focus is on helping her clients build a bridge between their beliefs, their external circumstances, and who they truly are.

Before launching The Conscious Enterprise, Shawna spent 12 years in the motion picture business in New York and Los Angeles, working as a publicist for Paramount Pictures and later as a Senior Vice-President for TriStar Pictures. She also was the co-founder of The New York City Stage Company, an Off-Off Broadway repertory theater company. Shawna received her B.A. in English Literature from Barnard College in New York City. After two years spent traveling around the world Shawna settled in Boulder, CO with her husband Richard, a nationally recognized writer on energy and technology, their teenaged son, Walker, and, Lyra, a spiritual being in four-legged form with whom she regularly hikes in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

“ I am grateful, every day”, Shawna says, “for allowing this powerful aspect of myself to define the work I do. It has brought me great happiness and is incredibly fulfilling to be able to help others in this way.”


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