Break open the hidden self. Discover the truth in your heart. Free yourself of the judgements of others that have shaped your beliefs. Choose your own life story. Any question you have, any situation you are facing, any goal you want to achieve, will feel less daunting when you have the insight necessary to understand it fully. Be equipped with your own intuitive intelligence, wisdom and certainty

Trust what you see, feel it to be true, let the Ahhh, yes! flood in and create an inner calm. Now you know what is best for you alone. Experience contentment. Eliminate doubts, hesitation, and misgiving. Feel energized, creative and inspired. Now everything makes sense. Know your true calling, discover a sense of purpose, set out with a clear mind and a full heart to achieve your goals.

Gain focus, take your next steps, learn to trust your unique inner voice, move ahead with your vision, gain momentum. Use the powerful tool of intention to take charge of the choices and decisions that are yours, be proactive in designing and mapping your energy field in order to determine the outcomes of your efforts. Create the path to realize your dreams and achieve the life you long for.

Success Stories

Shawna’s clear, direct teaching made accessing and deepening my intuition simpler than I could have imagined. This work will change how you relate to yourself and move in the World.

Diane H. / Boulder, CO

Shawna is a truly gifted communicator sharing her knowledge in a simple, cohesive way. Her perceptive abilities have opened a greater understanding of myself and helped me achieve profound results.

Amy L. / Chicago, IL

Shawna’s intuitive training class went well beyond our expectations for success. Shawna’s skill and mastery of her field allowed us to accomplish our goals. This class has had a powerful and lasting impact for everyone involved.

Kim Gangwish, Owner, Navigate to Knowledge / New York, NY

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