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“Years ago I would have not believed that someday I would turn to someone like Shawna for help, but then I stumbled onto a difficult life transition. For several years I tried every approach that had proved successful in the past, but my life had reached an impasse and my old values, beliefs and coping mechanisms only led to dead ends. I went to Shawna in complete desperation, but I am happy to say that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Shawna provided something I really needed, access to my intuition, and this gave me clarity. I was, at first, a skeptic, but Shawna’s patient and kind persistence led me to a point of inner peace. Today I have greater insight to my authentic self and life purpose. I am living a life with intention and direction. Shawna’s help was and continues to be invaluable.”- Guillermo Vidal, Florida. Mentor, Speaker, Author of Boxing for Cuba

“She is the real deal!”

“Shawna’s clear, direct teaching made accessing and deepening my intuition simpler than I could have imagined. The tools she offers are concrete and profound. I am using them every day and I am feeling a hugely positive impact on myself and those around me. Energy, intuition, spirit, whatever you want to call it, this work will change how you relate to yourself and move in the world.”- Diane H./ Boulder, CO

“The Dynamic Intuition class was a fun and enthralling course which led me through basics of visual meditations using energy techniques all the way to applying my intuition. Shawna guides in a clear, logical and reassuring manner. Overall a great experience which I would recommend to anybody interested in advancing their spiritual awareness.”- John Palmer / United Kingdom

“The training class went well beyond our expectations.”

“My sessions with Shawna have left me feeling empowered. I am so grateful to have met such a clear guide on my path. Learning how to play and to trust myself grows stronger each day as a result”- Vidya /Boulder, CO

“In her class Shawna offered an easy to use tool kit to manage one’s own energy field. Her class was exceptionally well run. The more I practiced them the more benefit they provided. What was most beneficial, however, was the ability to trust what I was sensing and to build confidence that my internal reference point truly guided me well and the external reference points only pulled me off balance. The visual meditations took me to a deeper level, more quickly than I have ever before experienced.”- M.E.F. / Boulder, CO

“Shawna is a truly gifted communicator sharing her knowledge in a simple, cohesive way. Her perceptive abilities have opened a greater understanding of myself and helped me achieve profound results.”- Ann L. / Chicago

“With Shawna’s guidance, making life’s important decisions is much easier. She is the real deal. No crystal balls, no beating around the bush. Just pure insight. Her intuitive abilities are spot on and extremely helpful. Her work is not about telling you what will happen but rather helping you tap into the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead with the various choice points. I find her work especially helpful for making business decisions, when to act, how to proceed, what to be cautious about.”- L.L. / Author, consultant

“Shawna has been a tremendous resource for me and her intuitive consultations are spot on. I find her to be articulate, responsive, and someone who provides real clarity. There is no doubt I’m on a better path thanks to Shawna and consider her expertise a valuable component to my success.”- Rob

“It changed my life.”

“I am so impressed with the level of usable information in her class. There is nothing magical about it. It’s about using your own mind in a more skillful way. Shawna doesn’t just use inspiring words to make inner peace a reality. She teaches methods. There is a big difference. I am here to say it changed my life and it can change yours. Thank you Shawna, I can’t wait for the next class.”- Anna D. PhD / Retired Clinical Psychologist, Colorado

“When my late husband was dying he was unable to talk about it so we could face it together. When he died I was sad but also angry about the lack of intimacy at the end of his life. One session with Shawna lifted anger and replaced it with a feeling of euphoria that has been with me ever since.”- Loretta G. / Boulder, CO

“Shawna is an amazingly compassionate woman and she has incredible gifts. Working with her gets at the root of what is going on and has been instrumental in my healing. She allows my own intuition and strength to emerge. A session with Shawna is something that just is to be experienced instead of explained. I have recommended many of my friends to her, all of whom have thanked me for it!”- Suzanne P. / Asheville, NC

“In the world of ‘Intuitives’ it is wise to be a skeptic. However, when it comes to Shawna Reininger, throw the skepticism out the window, as she is the real deal. She clarifies the intangible, makes it tangible, and she is truly an ‘Intuitive’. Years ago she would have been the ‘medicine woman’ or the ‘shaman’ – it is just who she was born to be…and yes, it is her true calling, or I would not be working with her. Everything we see in the universe has to do with energy and she accurately relays the relevant energy in your life in a manner that is easy to understand and act upon. Finally, she is also a good business woman and who manages her clients and her business in a manner that makes it easy and efficient to work with her.” – Nathan Teegarden / President, True Calling

“The Dynamic Intuition Class was a gigantic gift! The energy tools are very accessible and helped me connect with my own inner knowing and insight. I began using them right away and am so grateful to have them as I navigate through each day. Her intuition has shed light and offered great clarity in many areas of my life and business. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to tap into their innate intuition and wisdom. Thank you Shawna!”- Christy L. / New Jersey

Over the last three years, through one of the biggest transitions in my life, Shawna has been a trusted guide, mentor and sincere spiritual friend. Shawna’s clear intuitive insight is unmistakable, as well is her ability to make the information she communicates approachable and practical for everyday life. The depth of her insight is grounded in her professionalism and kindness. Whether it is helping me navigate important decisions to accessing my own intuitive wisdom, I am so grateful to have Shawna in my corner.” – Benjamin Weidman / Psychotherapist, Vancouver, Canada

“Shawna’s intuitive training class went well beyond our expectations for success. Our goal was to learn how to combine our academic knowledge and skills with the ability to ‘read between the lines’ by listening to our own intuition when working with clients. Shawna’s skill and mastery of her field was taught in a simple yet potent manner that allowed us to accomplish our goals. Along the way we had a fantastic team building experience that taught us to trust our own intuition as well as the insights of our team members. This class has had a powerful and lasting impact for everyone involved.”- Kim Gangwish, Owner / Navigate to Knowledge

“The Dynamic Intuition class is fun and enthralling.”

“I am struck by the depth and perceptiveness of her psychological insight, often touching on things that took me years of psychotherapy to unearth. She is kind, eloquent and charming in her expression.”- Boulder, CO

“From my first outreach to Shawna 2 years ago, I have felt a deep sense of gratitude that her tremendous gifts and insights are available to me. She is kind, wise, reassuring and so helpful as I set about new ways of being. I am especially grateful to her for awakening my curiosity as I explore ways to live a more full and loving life.” – Pam D., Attorney / New Jersey

“I am so impressed with her professionalism and her ability to set you at ease, reassuring and positive. She shared things about loved ones she had never met or could have known. I found great peace with my parent’s deaths. I cannot say enough good things about Shawna!”- Joan P. / Richmond, VA

“In her private, intuitive consultations, Shawna has never failed to show me the way whenever I’ve been lost.”- Steve M. / Delaware

“I took this class on a curious whim and now feel like a whole new dimension of myself has opened up. I am looking forward to where this road will lead. I am grateful to Shawna for guiding me through the process of knowing myself more fully.”- Jennifer / Denver, CO

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