This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.

I’ve got a magnet in my kitchen that says, “This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.”

Each time I glance up at it an urgency races through me.  Determination, commitment to action, racing against time. That sort of urgency.  I welcome that feeling because it’s a brilliant reminder to do something, anything, today, no matter how big or small, to take charge of my life and point it in the direction I choose.

I know how easily it happens. If we sit in limbo for too long, resisting a choice that needs to be made, ignoring an inner voice, scary or exhilarating, hitting the pause button on an idea that excites us, saying okay to something that really isn’t okay…


or something else,

will fill in the gap.

Before you realize it you are living someone else’s choices, thinking their thoughts, in places you never intended to be. Years can go by before some life altering event brings everything to a screeching halt, forcing you to stop and ask “is this really what I want?”

What do you do when the crack that was spreading out of control, bursts wide open exposing the divide between what you say and what you really mean, what you do and what you really want. You couldn’t glue that crack back together even if you tried.

Now what?

How do you go back to square one and start again, this time re-shaping your life into a story you would love to tell?

Let me make it simple for you: Change your energetic landscape.

How well do you know your physical body?  Pretty well, right?  You learn so much about it in school, in life.  You use it everyday to accomplish many tasks. You have a relationship with it.

However, you are more than your physical body. You have an energetic body too. Just because it’s elusive to the naked eye doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The anatomy of that body has many dynamic, powerful, moving parts. All of them are the clay you can mold and shape into something different.  It doesn’t require anyone else’s cooperation. That is where you are in charge, fully and completely – no questions asked, no permission needed. You can learn to see, know and develop a relationship with your own energetic body as well.

Your thoughts drive the choices you make and the actions you take, but your energetic body shapes your thoughts. Can you, then, ignore what is at the core of those thoughts?

Whatever is inside the four walls of your energetic home, I can promise you, is creating your world, for better or for worse.  Know your own energetic makeup, learn some energy-based tools to work with it and you will have all you need to shape your world.

Here is what I know to be true:

When I learned about, and started working with, my energetic body I unlocked a secret code to the inner freedom I was craving.  I was no longer bound by the outcomes of my past life experiences.  I started to create new experiences of my choosing.  I had tried many other worthy methods to get there but it was the shift to working with my energetic body that put me in the fast lane.  With that freedom came the unwavering belief that this is my life and I can shape it to my own wishes and desires.

It’s not just a nice spiritual concept to know what makes up your own energy field and transform that energy.  It is the core of creation.  Your only price of admission is a simple “yes”.

This is your life, are you ready to shape it?